The Process

Organised by Oz Moto Camper + friends, the Great Southern Adventure Rally is a weekend event that includes your navigational booklet and physical map as part of your entry.

The event caters for riding skill levels ranging from coffee shop riders to part-time off-road adventure seekers. Put together by Adventure Motorcycle enthusiasts who want to show you places and roads you didnt know existed in a new area each year. You will be riding both on an off-road, so you will require bikes of 150cc or more.

The competition element of the Adventure Rally is for a rider who likes it all. The Adventure Rally combines elements of navigation, off and on-road riding skill, and teamwork, so that well-rounded riders have an equal chance to win the Adventure cup.

Each team (2-5 riders) will receive a map marked with locations spread all over the local area. You and your teammates will decide what kind of ride you want (more dirt, more pavement, or both), find locations that align with your plan and go ride. The locations are marked with a 1 to 4 for difficulty and range. There is no set route, no mandatory locations and no need to race.

As you visit the locations, you will need to take photos with your phone, upload them to Twitter and tag them correctly to gain points. In addition bonus point options can be found in your booklet and will also be made available during the day, communicated by Twitter, so keep a keen eye on your screen (but not while riding!).

Whether you want to win the event, or just have an some fun and adventure, we cater for all.

The Rules

The aim of the Great Southern Adventure Rally is to create a fun yet competition for adventure bikes and riders that rewards good teamwork and navigation.

All riders will participate in teams of two to five. Each team will get a map filled with points of interest locations. Each POI is rated for difficulty to reach and/or distance and has a point value assigned. The challenge is to ride to POIs that suit your taste then Twitter & tag your visits. Additionally, there are bonus point items that will be sent out via Twitter to get that extra edge. The team that ends the event with the most points takes home the Great Southern Adventure Rally Trophy.

Now for the particulars:

  1. This is not a speed event. Excessive speed, unsafe passing, and dangerous riding of any sort can result in penalties up to and including disqualification.
  2. You can ride as much, or as little as you want (within the allotted time window). The intent of the POI values is to reward people who are willing to put in both some miles and ride some difficult terrain because we feel the trophy should go to a well-rounded team. However, it is an equally valid approach to choose a ride you’d like to do anyway, grab a POI or two, a few coffees then return with just some great memories.
  3. Teams must stay together. Points will not be awarded unless all bikes appear in the pictures at the POI locations.
  4. Scoring will be tracked by requiring you to post an image to Twitter of you and your bikes at the POI locations and tagged with @GSARally and tagging your location per the adventure booklet.
  5. Each POI is rated from 1 to 4. One’s are on pavement or very smooth dirt roads. Two’s on graded dirt roads, mixed surfaces or easy two-track, Three’s for some technical off-road and Four’s for 4×4 type routes and potentially require navigating technical situations.
  6. The schedule for each day must be closely observed; penalties will apply as described above. All photos must be uploaded and tagged before returning to home base.
  7. Because there is no determined route and no rescue vehicles. You need to be self-sufficient to return to home base at the end of the day. You will want water, food, tools, tire repair capability, etc. If you break down somewhere, we will try to help when we can.

How To Score

  1. Your entire team must reach the designated locations together. To score the allocated points you will need to take a photo of the POI with either all of your bikes (with our logo sticker visible) AND the designated POI visible in the same picture.
  2. You will then upload that photo to Twitter and tag as @GSARally and hashtags for the location per your booklet instructions. If there is no mobile service at the point, take the photo and wait to upload it later. You will need to do so eventually to be scored.
  3. Each POI has a point value. Twitter will be monitored to make sure you team is staying together and visiting the sites.
  4. There are several non-location bonuses. Each has a point value. These are advised via the official Twitter page.
  5. All judges’ decisions are final. Please make it easy for the people scoring by taking clear photos and uploading with correct tags.
  6. Timing: You need to respect the schedule of the day, and we don’t want you speeding to do it. If you are 0-5 minutes late, there is no bonus, and no penalty.

If you are running more than 5 minutes late, please text one of the numbers on the back of the book BEFORE check-in time to let us know your location and intentions. By checking in, you will lose bonuses in accordance with how late you are (so that you do not gain an advantage by being out longer), but you will not be excessively penalized.

If you are more than 5 minutes late and do not check in before the set return time, you lose three points for every 5 minutes you are late.

If you are more than 30 minutes late and have not checked in, you get a zero point total.