What is it?

The Great Southern Adventure Rally is a annual adventure motorcycle event focused on fun, teamwork and of course, adventure. All packaged within an organised competition.

Now 2 days long!

Location: Town of Laura, South Australia (2.5 hours north of Adelaide)

Day One:
Start Time: 10:30am Arrival – 11:30am stands up!
Finish Time: 5:00pm return cut-off and then awards time

Day Two:
Start Time: 9:30am Arrival – 10:00am stands up!
Finish Time: 3:30pm return cut-off and then awards time

Who can attend?

Anyone on a street legal motorcycle over 150cc can join the event. While attendees are required to be part of a team of at least 2, you are still welcome to come alone and join up with any of the other friendly teams on the day.

What do i need?

  • A street legal motorcycle over 150cc
  • 50/50 tyres at a minimum to reach some of the more difficult locations
  • Essential riding gear for on and light to medium off-road
  • Camping or overnight gear if staying for both days
  • Twitter account on at least one team members phone
  • Pack some water, obviously
  • Your email ticket ready to scan


Your bike must be roadworthy and registered. We recommend at least 250cc motorcycles as some highway riding may be required and your team members wouldn’t want to be slowed down. If your bike can handle highway speeds safely, then it qualifies.

No, for own safety, you will need to ride as part of a group of at least 2 people to compete. You must also always stay with your group for the entirety of the event.

You are welcome to bring them, if they are not riding, there are some playgrounds and nice walking options in the area.

The event organisers have a rescue trailer who can bring your bike back to Saddleworth or a nearby mechanic if you know one. Response time will depend on availability. There is also a local towing service who have been advised and their contact details are in your event book that you receive on the day.

Not necessarily, while a smaller team may be able to move from point to point with less delays, a large team has more brains to help work out the clues. The team with the biggest advantage will be the one that works together well.

Absolutely. There will be an award for teams from each day as well as an overall award for teams that attend both days.

While meals are not included in this event, the Laura Caravan Park will have a camp kitchen available for those staying overnight. In addition there are many cafe and hotel restaurant options available in the area who would be happy to feed you.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates on food trucks for coffee and breakfast!

The event is being run out of the Laura Caravan Park which has more than enough unpowered camping sites and a large number of powered camping and caravan sites. They also have a small number of Cabins (be quick!).

The Laura Hotel also has rooms available, as does the neighbouring towns. There is no shortage of accommodation in the area to choose from should you choose to stay on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights.

This will depend on how bad. A hot day or a bit of rain will just make the event a little more challenging!

If the temperature is expected to reach dangerous levels of heat or storms, then the event will be delayed by 1 week. Anyone unable to attend the following weekend will receive a refund.

GSA Rally are happy to provide refunds up until 10 days before the event starts. After this time the insurance and event materials are printed so refunds will not be available.